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From left to right on top: Raju Poudyal (cultural guide), Sunil Kumar (trekking guide), Sanu Kanchha (trekking guide), Renjen Bhote (senior climbing guide, summited Mt. Everest), Tirtha Tamang (professional cook)
From left to right down: Chuda Mainali (trekking guide), Umesh K.C (office manager), Indira Khatiwoda (manager), Sameer Khatiwoda (cultural guide), Rabin Khatiwada (accountant), Nanga Dorjee Sherpa (climbing & trekking guide)

A new generation of experienced, professional managers and certified guides, but above all passionate to invent, organize and carry out treks and tours for tourists who want to visit Nepal and surrounding countries. Emphasis lies on friendliness and flexibility, a client centered style that proves to be the key to success, not only for satisfying clients, but also for us to love our work.