What to (not) eat?

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5539113435_9fce607d63_zThe most common illness suffered by travellers to Nepal is a stomach ache due to consuming contaminated food or water. Never drink water or ice if you aren’t sure it has been purified. Bottled water is available everywhere. Many visitors choose to avoid eating dairy products or unpeeled fruit. Meat is fine as long as it’s been thoroughly cooked. Washing your hands often is another good precaution while travelling around Nepal.

Nepal is an ethnically and culturally diverse country, and one outcome of this is that there is an impressive array of local cuisine. Nepalese food has been strongly influenced by both India and Tibet, and in places like Kathmandu and Pokhara there is a growing interest in western dishes. Much of the local cuisine (particularly from the Himalayan region) can taste a bit bland if people are used to spicy or savory food, but the diet in Nepal receives a good deal of praise for its health giving properties.