What to pack?

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Packing List (just a reminder)

led-hoofdlampItems marked with ” * “, are strongly recommended to buy or bring from your home country due to quality and price. These things are not common to find in rural and trekking areas though available Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal.


• One large, strong duffel bag (hard shell not recommended because of travel over land)
• One good quality day pack
• Passport bag or fanny pack
• You may choose to include a second, empty bag, packed inside the first – it will be good for bringing souvenirs, etc. home.


• Sneakers
• Sandals (Teva-style thongs recommended but not required)*
• Hiking boots (category A/B), warm and waterproof*(optional, depending upon whether you’re comfortable trekking in sneakers or not)
• 2 pairs polypropylene sock liners*
• 2 pairs wool socks*
• Light cotton socks
• 2-3 pairs shorts for men
• 2 long cotton skirts or long shorts for women
• 2 pairs comfortable hiking pants (not jeans)
• Jeans for Kathmandu
• 5-6 cheap t-shirts ( please leave sleeveless ensembles at home)
• Flannel shirt
• 1 fleece jacket or Pile jacket or sweater (cheap and easy to buy in Kathmandu)
• 1-2 long sleeve shirt
• 1-2 pairs long underwear, shirt and pants
• Waterproof jacket
• Warm wool hat, gloves, and scarf (only during winter months, e.g. dec-march or high altitude trekking)
• One sun protecting hat
• 1 set of “nice” clothes for formal occasions if occurs.
Please avoid bringing clothes with decorative-type holes in them. As a foreigner, it is not culturally sensitive to wear ragged clothes in Nepal. To Nepalese, you are foreign and therefore well-to-do, and thus dressing like a beggar is interpreted as an insult to your parents.


• Sleeping bag (only if mentioned in program/te be rented also in Kathmandu)
• Sleeping travel sheet (lakenzak)
• Head light!!!
• Hand lamp or flashlight
• Swiss army knife
• Handkerchief
• Bath towels (fast dry ones)
• First-aid kit including personal medications
• Medication that includes Anti-bacterial ointment*, Laxatives, Pepto-Bismol, Advil*, Aspirin*, Antibiotics, Vitamins*
• Digital camera
• Pens and little notebook
• Sunglasses

What not to bring in Nepal
Huge sum of Euro’s or Dollars (travelers’ check are widely accepted, and cash advances on VISA/Matercard are also possible, don’t come counting on ATMs though, as if there are any actually, that will work)

Any questions? Please, feel free to contact us! Oh, and while trekking it is always nice to carry some extra pens to give to the children you will encounter. Do not give them candies and no money!